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Hands-Free SCA (HF-SCA) is a Transaction Risk Analysis tool based on an Artificial Intelligence algorithm designed and built by Vidyasoft to support security in digital payments: HF-SCA makes it possible to verify the authenticity of electronic transactions and detect fraudulent ones.  

The solution allows payment systems to not require two-factor authentication during an electronic transaction, as required by European PSD2 legislation, thus enabling a smooth and frictionless user experience.


Mastery is the first of a suite of tools to support companies from an organizational point of view in order to comply with the standards of UNI EN ISO Management Systems, aiming to obtain and maintain the related certifications.

Mastery aims to help companies to organize and enhance the capabilities of their staff, simplifying the management of skills and training and updating courses of each company component through a simple, intuitive and pleasant web interface.

Mastery offers tools for aggregating and sharing this information, so that it is always clear to you and your partners what your areas of expertise are.

wox edge

Wox Edge is a voice assistant that connects you to every online banking service and improves your online banking experience.

It is designed for banks that want to provide 24-hour self-service services. The system is focused on security and high user experience in voice interaction.

The Wox Edge project was awarded the «Fintech Milano Hub Call for proposes 2021», an incubation program promoted by Bankitalia for the improvement of banking, financial and payment services through AI.

voice banking

Voice Banking is a service through which you can access the banking and financial services of your bank by voice, using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, in complete safety.