The term IoT, acronym for Internet of Things, is a neologism used in telecommunications that arises from the need to give a name to real objects connected to the Internet. The evolution of the internet has extended the internet itself to real objects and places (“things” in fact), which can now interact with each other and with the network and transfer data and information. In this way, an “electronic identity” can be given to an ever increasing number of devices through, for example, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and other technologies (such as the better known QR code).

The role of VidyaSoft in this field is to help companies to enter a 360 ° connected world smoothly and painlessly, to modernize and innovate the offer of its services and to fully integrate the very essence of the Internet of Things into their own brand identity. This is done by developing ad-hoc designed systems based on the most advanced technologies available.