What is WoX

WoX is a software that interconnects all the players in the Internet of Things thanks to its common device language.

Why let device interact each other is important?

From the refrigerator at home to the clock, to the traffic light, all can be considered examples of IoT. The important thing is that these objects are connected to the network and that they have the ability to transmit and receive data. In this way, these objects become “intelligent” and can turn on and off “on their own” and as needed.

IoT means integration and opens very important perspectives in terms of reviewing corporate information systems. Also from this point of view the IoT will represent an important development opportunity. After several years of curiosity and experimentation with the Internet of Things, in Italy we are starting to see the first concrete results that present different degrees of application.

Applications of the Internet of Things can be identified in:

  • Home automation (i.e. the technology applied to homes, for example to manage refrigerators, washing machines, telephones, etc.);
  • Robotics (ie engineering and technology that allow robots to “come to life”, or to perform tasks performed today by human beings);
  • Avionics (i.e. the technology applied to aircraft and piloting, such as communication systems on aircraft, autopilot, etc.);
  • Automotive industry (which studies new applications for cars, such as intelligent wipers that activate themselves when it starts to rain, up to “intelligent” cars, smart cars, that is, capable of driving alone and assisting the driver, as Apple is trying to do, but also Google);
  • Biomedical Industry (i.e. the IoT applied to medicine, such as the remote management of patients, up to remote surgery);
  • Telemetry (which deals with developing the transmission of data and information between media).

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