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About us

Vidyasoft claims a strong knowledge about complex IoT and AI systems and technologies, with a long experience in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. It is focused mainly on fintech and Insurtech sectors, but company projects portfolio encompasses also smart city, eFood, turism and eLearning domains.

The company was born in May 2015, from the drive of four young PhD students and a Professor of the Department of Innovation Engineering at the University of Salento, all of them sharing interests about Software engineering, IoT, AI, cloud and distributed systems at the GSA Laboratory.

The market analysis directed Vidyasoft towards the creation of an API platform called Web of Topics (WoX® – for Fintech. The early stage of the platform were focused specifically on the Internet of Things domain: it was designed for SMEs which want to innovate services easily and quickly by means of IoT, without having to acquire specific skills in the branch. Advanced stages of the platform use IoT core concepts in support of omnichannel banking issues, such as security, advanced user experience, comfy customer journey, rapid integrability of newer solutions.

In 2016 VidyaSoft won the “Sellalab Fintech program”, an international competition called by Banca Sella Group aimed to select the most innovative Fintech start-up companies. 

After the acceleration experience, Vidyasoft became a technological vendor for Banca Sella. The objective was to research and create innovative user interfaces for home banking services, through an elegant blend of IoT and smart speakers technologies. With the support of Vidyasoft, the project brought Banca Sella to launch the first italian voice banking service ever. Furthermore, in January 2019 Banca Sella entered the share capital of VidyaSoft with the 7.9% of the shares.

During the last two years, the company also partnered with an international leader in the software services for the omnichannel bank, Auriga SpA. The partnership aims to implement innovative solutions for the future omnichannel bank and boast several industrial projects and prospects. Today Auriga participates in the share capital of Vidyasoft with a 7,9% stake.

The most recent Vidyasoft product is Hands-Free SCA (HF-SCA), a Transaction Risk Analysis technique which, associated with the exemptions of the SCA provided for by the PSD2 European regulation, allows for online transactions without the friction of two-factor authentication. The solution won the 2021 Sella Data Challenge, the competition conceived by the Italian Fintech District ( and aimed to identify new fintech solutions through the use of real banking data.

Nowadays at the age of 6, VidyaSoft is made up by a team of 11 engineers in its operational headquarters at the BePilot corporate campus in Monteroni di Lecce, Italy.

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